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Yoga Pulse

Simply Yoga For You


A new Year begins

Look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Yoga For Pink Week

Thank you for your generosity

We raised $120


Om Shanti xx


Winter is approaching, jump on your mat and be warmed by Yoga.

The year is gearing up so watch here for some special happenings, look forward to having your company at Yoga Pulse.

Watch this space!

Thank you

Thank you for your generosity

in our Yoga for Pink week, supporting Breast Cancer awareness

October 2013

One day Retreat


Calling all keen retreaters...its set, the date of our first one day retreat

Saturday 23rd November,

see events page for full details

Look forward to hearing

from you




Its time to 

awaken and get 

on your Yoga 


Dont delay come along, join a 

Yoga class at Yoga Pulse, there 

is a lot happening this Spring.

Please check the class dates 

and Special events.

Look forward to seeing you on 

the mat soon.


Past Activity

starting 22nd July.

We are back in full swing and its great to be back on the mat after the winter break!

Saturday Vinyasa - new dates:

17th August and 7th September.. we will be an election free zone!

Look forward to seeing you at class, yoga in the wintertime is invigorating and restoring.

Om Shanti


Term 2 starts week of 29th April



Friday night

focus workshops

Booking Essential
SeeSpecial Events page for details

Essentials of


Booking Essential

Friday 17th May and 7th June

6.30 - 9pm

Lunar Yoga Experience- some R&R.......

Friday 24th May and 21st June

6.30 -8pm

Booking Essential


Join me at the Yogashed Richmond for a Yoga Masterclass

Journey into the Flow

Sunday 2nd June

2 - 4.30 pm

Look forward to seeing you there

For details visit:


your Yoga


 Thank You to everyone who attended the beautiful workshops

Yoga and Embodiment



Delamay Devi and Janice

Held Friday 8th & Saturday 9th March

The feed back has been amazing - thank you. Everyone was energised and our Yoga went to a new place.....the next workshop is in planning, watch this space!


Yoga andKirtan


Edo and Jo

Thanks to Edo & Jo and Prabhu for a wonderful evening of Yoga and music. How fantastic to practice Yoga to live music, quite special. Thanks to everyone for coming along and making the eveing a huge success.

Om Shanti


See more about Edo and Jo at


January and February Yoga Class times:Please see the Yoga Classes page on the website.


Saturday Vinyasa Classes

First class Saturday 2nd February,

see Yoga Classes page for details of all dates for February and March.

Looking forward to seeing you back on the Yoga mat.


Wishing you a very happy holiday season. Looking forward to a Yoga filled 2013


 Our next Saturday Vinyasa class coming up - Saturday 1st December, join us for two hours flowing Yoga fun!!


A huge thanks to everyone for supporting Breast Cancer awareness by taking part in our Yoga for Pink Classes.

Term 4 starting

     8th October

Its Spring Break - take time to declutter and get some fresh air, enjoy the gorgeous sunshine

Join us for two hours of invigorating Vinyasa Yoga - next class Saturday 20th October.


SATURDAY Vinyasa class

22nd Sept

Dont miss out

Book now

******* July 2012********

We are back on the mat after a short winter break. Dont let the winter blues set in, come join us at Yoga Pulse for a warming energising Yoga session.

Saturday Vinyasa dates coming soon.............

 *******April 2012********

NO CLASSES ANZAC day 25th April.

 I trust we are enjoying the glorious Autumn sunshine. This is a good time of year to reflect on the summer months of plenty, preparing for the cooler winter months approaching.

We have had a busy few months at Yoga Pulse with regular Yoga, workshops and music. Fabulous fun was had by all who attended our Kirtan with Edo and Jo, we rocked Thornleigh!

April Happenings

The new term of Yoga fun starts the week of 16th April, come along and join the fun and keep alert and intune with Yoga practice - check our Yoga class page for details of classes.

Interested to join our yoga focus workshop in May, "The journey of backbends to inversions" Send me an Email to find out more and book your place...

........Limited spots.............

   Next Vinyasa Classes -

5th May


     *** March 2012***

Saturday Vinyasa dates

10th and 31st March.

Special Kirtan event with Edo and Jo. Send me an email for more information. Limited spots.

   *** February 2012***

Interested in our heart opening backbending focus workshops ? Send me a note for more information. Limited spots.

   **January 2012**


Term 1 2012 starting week of 30th January


Next Saturday Vinyasa Yoga class is Saturday 4th February


What’s all the fuss about Yoga?

Why Yoga?

Yoga has a long history, being practiced for well over 5000 years! In 

recent years Yoga has been keenly practiced, bringing renewed energy and well being into people’s lives.

The physical movement brings renewed flexibility and strength, the breathing increases vitality and energy levels. Overall you feel great and revitalised, as the immune, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems of the body are replenished and strengthened.

Yoga is non-competitive and is simply for you, developing improved overall health and well being.

Who can do Yoga?

Yoga can be practiced by everyone, male or female, younger or older, simply choose a class that suits your 

needs. There are classes ranging from “Gentle, restorative and relaxing” to “Energising, active and dynamic”. So no matter if you are new to exercise or an Olympic athlete, Yoga is for you.

Speak to me before commencing a new class to choose a class to suit your needs to get you started.

Be sure to discuss the following with your Yoga teacher prior to taking a class:

•   Any medical issues
•   Pregnancy or recent pregnancy

What to bring to a Yoga class

· Bring a yoga Mat: The essential tool of Yoga. It’s good to have your own Yoga 

mat, but I have a few that can be used by new students to get you started.

•   Bring water to drink

•   Bring an open mind and a sense of humour

•   Wear loose comfortable clothing

I have a range of Yoga props for use during the class.

What to expect at a Yoga class

Most classes range between 60 - 90 mins in length and include:

· Starting with a short relaxation to centre the body, mind and breath.

· Moving into postures and movement working with the breath

· Completing with relaxation and/or meditation.

Some classes will be more energizing whilst others more restorative depending on the Yoga class taken.

You should leave your Yoga Class feeling energised, refreshed and restored.

Expect to sweat - at least a little, and to laugh

 Yoga is just great fun - Come along and try it out

Love your Yoga